happy clients


“Our trip to London, Paris, and Venice on the Orient Express was perfect due to the wonderful locations and beautiful train of course, but also due to the planning of Angie Fanning, Awaybug!


We were a bit overwhelmed with all the planning necessary to make flight and train reservations, transfers, hotel bookings, dinner reservations, tour guides until Ms. Fanning took over. Angie’s planning was flawless! We had 7 transfers and each and every time the driver was right there. Angie secured tour guides for us in Paris and Venice who were knowledgeable and professional. Her restaurant recommendations were outstanding. We simply can’t say enough.


Our wonderful trip was even more special thanks to Angie Fanning.”

– Fran and Carol Drury (Europe)


“I am so glad I contacted AwayBug Travel to plan our honeymoon in Panama. I typically like to plan trips myself but with all the stress of the wedding I was happy to pass of the responsibility. Angie blew me away, we told her a little about what we would like to do and she took that and totally knocked it out of the park. We have never been to Panama so it was great that she was able to reach out to her local contacts there who could suggest places to stay and things to do, etc. We absolutely loved the hotels she picked, they were incredible. Everything also went so smoothly, our packet contained all the information we needed so we were able to relax and enjoy the trip and not worry about language barriers, etc. The private transfers were always on time, clean, friendly and really knowledgeable. I’ve already recommended Angie to several friends, she is great! “

– Chelsea and Ric Stanley (Panama)

“We worked with Angie to plan our recent honeymoon to Costa Rica and she did an amazing job! She worked within our budget and gave us several different locations to choose from, and then helped us narrow down what we wanted to do while on our trip. She made the entire process so easy, and even brought our paperwork over to our house the Thursday before we got married. We had an amazing trip thanks to her! I would recommend AwayBug Travel wholeheartedly! “

– Katie & Mike O’Beirne (Costa Rica)

“This is the fourth or fifth trip that Awaybug Travel has done for us. All of our trips have been terrific! Angie ‘s attention to detail is wonderful so that you feel as if you are really being pampered. My husband and I have already asked Awaybug Travel to work on a big trip for us in 2016! “

– Bob and Pat Brandt (Europe & the USA)


“Angie Fanning and AwayBug Travel was amazing! My husband and I were going on our honeymoon a year after our wedding and had never been on a vacation together. She analyzed what we were looking for in our vacation and was able to make very specific recommendations given our established budget. She also made sure that everything was taken care of from the moment we left to when we returned home! She was very organized and did a fantastic job saving us money, yet getting an overall wonderful trip. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, even if you are a seasoned traveler!”

– Meredith Crittenton (Jamaica)

“Angie – I don’t believe I thanked you enough. Your planning was spectacular. It was a perfect trip – everything went like clock work with no worries. Every driver & tour guide had stories – shared their experiences and gave us a good feeling about the African people. Every resort was 1st class and all a bit different. I felt like a queen – hot towels & drinks on arrival and personal tours of the room. The tours were beyond fantastic. At the elephant sanctuary we had 5 guides & 5 elephants to ourselves plus we bought our video for $12. Storms River was amazing hearing and seeing the pounding ocean yards away. Our tubing & jumping off cliffs (called geikoing) made me feel young and daring. Touring the apartheid museum and going through Soweto really showed the suffering of 90% of this country, but was amazed how they (tour guides) were so proud and hopeful about the future – glad we did this. The safaris were awesome – highlight was getting charged by an elephant! So it was such a trip of variety – adventures – great food – views – activities and all because you knew your clients and what they would like – a skill. The booklet you put together was our BIBLE and took all the stress of the unexpected out of this voyage – Fred loved that. So Angie, can’t say enough about your professionalism and hard work. I sing your praises to everyone who travels. Maybe next year – South America!”

– Janice and Fred Ammann (South Africa)

“Angie came recommended to me by a friend approximately 2 years ago and she has turned out to be a blessing to work with. I have been more than happy with the tremendous and timely service she provides taking the pain out of making my travel arrangements. She is responsive to all inquiries I throw her way, willing to go the extra mile and has consistently been able to narrow my options down to those that best suit my needs, making my decisions quick and easy to deal with. After being spoiled like this, I will never do it on my own again.”

– Steve de Klerk (Corporate Travel)


“Angie did an fantastic job planning our trip to Thailand! I’m a planner myself, but was simply too busy to do all the research for hotels and tours – Angie took care of everything. She learned what our interests were and took care of the rest, including airfare, hotels, transfers, tours, trip insurance, and pulling together other recommendations for restaurants and things to do in the area. She always confirmed before booking but we were always happy with her first suggestion. It was really nice to not have to worry about the details so I could focus what spare time I did have researching the ‘fun stuff’ – areas we were visiting and other things we wanted to do. I received a well organized packet of information prior to our trip. It was a great experience working with AwayBug Travel!”

– Lisa Thaden (Thailand)


“I must say that we had quite an enjoyable trip! Everything went very smoothly and exactly as per your provided travel documents. The resort was very nice and exactly what we were looking for (white sand, blue water, cold drinks). The food was unbelievably amazing. Ashlee and I nearly put ourselves into food comas each night trying to enjoy every last bite. The staff was very friendly and helpful, even for the gringos that were trying to speak as much Spanish as we could muster. You made this process extremely stress-free and easygoing, so thank you so much for that! You will surely be our first choice when we begin planning our next vacation.”

– Daniel and Ashlee Hecht (Dominican Republic)


“I would highly recommend the professional travel service offered by Angie Fanning. My husband and I were able to enjoy a stress-free two week, multi destination, European honeymoon thanks to Angie’s meticulous research and planning. Our honeymoon was unforgettable; truly the trip of a lifetime. We were able to relax and explore Rome, Florence, and the Almafi Coast without any travel burdens or stress whatsoever.


Angie collaborated with my husband to carefully tailor the destinations, outings, accommodations, and services to meet our specific tastes and desires. We were provided with a detailed agenda for each day of our trip, complete with times, locations, pictures, contact information, historical background information, and consumer reviews. Everything was planned to a T, and perfectly so; we always knew where we were going, how long it would take, what there was to see and do, and associated costs.


It was evident how much time and effort Angie put into the planning of our honeymoon; everywhere we went people knew our names, knew that we were on our honeymoon, and gave us the royal treatment. She put in the legwork confirming reservations; personally speaking with and arranging our service providers, researching the best attractions to visit, places to eat, flight options, etc. so that we were able to simply enjoy ourselves, and did we ever! I was blown away by the ways in which Angie went above and beyond to truly ensure that we had the honeymoon of our dreams. Besides customizing a two-week detailed agenda for our trip, she included weather information, currency exchange rates, train schedules (just in case we missed one), alternate activities, tourist vulnerabilities and scams to be on guard for, and cultural expectations and norms and much, much more.


If you truly want to be able to relax and get the most out of your next vacation, allowing Angie to do your planning and booking will ensure just that; a wonderful and unforgettable travel experience.”

– Mark and Rachel Bonfiglio (Italy)


“We used AwayBug Travel, LLC to help us plan our honeymoon in 2012. We couldn’t have been more thankful for doing so!


First, we spoke with Angie about what type of trip we wanted to have, including locations and activities for the trip. Taking her recommendations, we decided on a half-relax and half-adventure trip plan. It was incredible! She helped us book the most breathtakingly gorgeous locations in Italy, and followed it up with stunning experiences in Pompeii and Rome.


But stop right there. Incredible honeymoon to Italy sounds like it would be fantastic regardless of how we planned it. Well, allow me to be clear about how much better our trip was thanks to Angie’s help. Due to your typical and inevitable trip hiccups, we required help keeping our trip on track. I can’t express how relieved we were knowing that Angie was helping us every step of the way. The entire trip was planned to perfection, and she was contactable and gracious during the entire time.


Her recommendations and networking capability: invaluable. Her knowledge which supported time efficiency and savings: undeniable. Her attention to detail and true passion for making your trip a perfect one: indisputable.


We will use this service again and again to keep the precious memories coming!”

– Travis and Liz Nicolette (Italy)



“My new husband and I worked with Angie to plan our honeymoon to Costa Rica in June of this year. I was very busy with school and work, so I just gave her a budget and asked her to plan the rest. AwayBug was absolutely amazing, and planned the perfect trip! I may never plan a vacation of my own again. She listened to what was important to us, and created a plan that was perfect for us. She was extremely thorough, and we did not have to worry about a thing. I can not thank her enough for planning our perfect honeymoon. It exceeded our expectations and more. Every detail was arranged and neatly organized in our trip folder that we were given before we left. Any question or request we had was addressed, and even while we were in Costa Rica it was great to know that she was there for us if we had a problem. I would definitely suggest planning a trip through AwayBug to anyone!”

– Meredith and Troy Sheffield (Costa Rica)


Angie is the best!! She went above and beyond in helping my friends and I plan a very special mother/daughter reunion with our daughters in the Napa Valley and then on to San Francisco for a mini-vacation with our husbands. Angie really listened to our preferences, and found the perfect lodging, special tours, and interesting things to do and see that we otherwise would not have thought of. I was very impressed with her knowledge, her professionalism, and her great communication skills. I am looking forward to planning the next trip with Angie.

– Patti and Carl Priess (USA)


“Paul and I want to thank you for your help with the plans for our Italy trip. We had a relaxing, fantastic trip. It was nice to have reliable, friendly drivers and guides that were easy to work with. We appreciate your hard work and would contact you again with any future travel plans. “

– Cheryl and Paul Colvin (Italy)


“The three McMillan brothers and their wives love to travel together. Angie planned our trip to Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. She was not only fun to work with but very knowledgeable and professional. Her attention to detail was outstanding. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would highly recommend her to anyone who loves to travel.”

– Bill and Frances McMillan (South America)


“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the effort that AwayBug Travel put into our recent trip to Napa and Sonoma for a wine tour with our daughter and friends. Their patience, thoroughness, and knowledge in helping us plan; effort in providing extensive documentation; and follow-through put our trip over the top.”

– Ken and Carol Trojniar (USA)


“Hi Angie – Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay in Kissimmee, Florida. The rooms you arranged for my group were a huge hit with all of them. None of us could believe what a great value they were. That part of Florida is not the most beautiful or upscale community in the state, but our hotel was a real rose amongst thorns. Thank you for your help and all six of us have promised to call on you for our travel needs in the future.”

– Phil Rodilosso (USA)


“Angie worked with my husband for months planning our honeymoon. They planned the honeymoon together without any input from me because my husband wanted it to remain a surprise. Angie went above and beyond what we could have ever imagined, not to mention she’s persistent! If one hotel/destination didn’t work out the first time, she diligently worked until she found something she knew would work for us. She did absolutely everything beautifully and perfectly, and she was always within an arms reach if we needed her for something once we arrived. She even made two extremely intricate itineraries – one for my husband (who knew what was going to happen) and one for me, without all the juicy details, but enough to keep me intrigued. I will not be planning another trip for my family without using Angie. Don’t wonder if she’ll do a good job, wonder how she is going to wow you once you get there! “

– Helena and Joshua Feury (Brazil & Argentina)


“I want to thank you for all your efforts in making our recent destination wedding the most unforgettable experience of my life. In the beginning, Carrie and I were having such a difficult time with how to best plan for our special day. Where would we have it? Who would we invite? How much will it cost?


In fact, we had “decided” to have our wedding at Airlie Gardens, Orton Plantation, and then at Bald Head Island. We literally had put in endless hours planning the details at each of these places only to have none of them materialize. The reasons varied. Mostly it ended up being an issue of finance, and inevitably, an issue of not pleasing everyone involved in the decision making process. We ended up making our OWN decision. The idea of traveling abroad, incorporating our honeymoon into the wedding, and saving literally thousands of dollars became a temptation that was too hard to resist.


Then chance brought us to you. In retrospect, it seems random that we bumped into you at a friend’s house. However, that proved to be the most pivotal moment in making this idea of a destination wedding an actual reality. After hearing your personal experience of a destination wedding in Costa Rica, we just knew that the traditional wedding we had been trying to plan at home was not what either of us wanted. It was quite literally at that moment that we decided to scrap our previous wedding plans and start fresh with a much broader location; somewhere in Europe.


This posed a new set of problems: where in Europe? Personally, I consider myself well-traveled in locations that lend themselves to great surfing. Having traveled the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, I thought that a tropical location with consistent surf would be tough to top. Carrie, equally well-versed in travel, has experienced much of Europe that I have not. This doesn’t sound like it would present a problem but when we were trying to plan a wedding, we both wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had already visited. We hoped that by selecting a new location, we would experience it together. So, we sought some advice….


Enter Angie Fanning. We scheduled an impromptu meeting and narrowed the search from: anywhere in the world-to-somewhere in central Europe. It was a fun process. By the end of our meeting we had basically condensed all of our hopes and needs to Prague. Let me explain. I have degrees in History and Art History. Carrie has a degree in Fine Arts. We are both obsessed with art history, architecture and culture. We had always heard that Prague is the second most sought city in the world, behind only Paris. Now all we needed was a trip to compliment the wedding, and obviously a venue. Shortly thereafter, Angie proposed an itinerary that sounded too good to be true. First, we fly to Prague, get married on Day 2, spend the next four days alone, exploring the city at our own pace and simply enjoy ourselves. The second half of the trip would involve a small group trip: 2 nights in Prague, 1 night in Cesky Kromlov (a medieval city in the Czech countryside,) 2 nights in Vienna, Austria, and 2 nights in Budapest, Hungary.


The wedding…. Our wedding was organized by Angie, via services provided by a wedding agency in Prague. This was a real concern of ours to plan a wedding from the states and still have everything right for our special day. Yet, it went off without a hitch. We were married in the most magical venue in Prague, an 18h century Baroque garden called Vrtboska. It was a beautiful setting, complete with views of Prague castle and several gothic church spires as a backdrop to our photos. And speaking of photos. No wedding is complete without memorable photography.


With that said, enter Kurt Vinion. Kurt was such a special part of our overall trip. An incredible talent, Kurt is an expat that has lived in Prague for several years. He knows the city intimately. In fact, he took us on a whirlwind tour of Prague himself; a wedding photo shoot. We spent the entire day with Kurt walking around Prague in our wedding attire. We were the center of attention everywhere we went, with Italians yelling “Molte Bene,” Americans clapping and saying there Congrats, it was quite an experience. Kurt took us to the John Lennon Wall, the Astronomical Clock Tower, and up to Prague Castle for our photo shoot. It was a magical experience to run around Prague, just married, random strangers happy for you, and having wedding pictures with backdrops that rival anywhere in the world. These pictures are absolutely PRICELESS! I would not trade them for all the gold in the world. “

– Matt and Carrie Wild (Europe)