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What’s it like to travel to Jamaica? One advisor recounts her trip.

I have not traveled further than my grocery store since March. The last time I dug my toes in the sand on a Caribbean beach was in January.

But I was excited to speak with a travel advisor who had flown to Jamaica and stayed five nights at two resorts on a fam trip in early August. I had many questions for her.

Angie Fanning is the owner of AwayBug Travel in Wilmington, N.C., an independent affiliate of the Travel Experts‘ network.

She had 75 trips on the books when Covid-19 shut down travel in early March, mostly to Europe, the bulk of her business. Most of those clients ended up moving their trips to 2021. “It was chaos, and as the pandemic stretched on and Europe remained out of bounds, I realized I had to pivot and develop some new markets for business,” she said.